Monday, December 14, 2015

'Ghost' Satellite from 1967 Is Transmitting Again

Vintage News reported via Southgate Amateur Radio News that Phil Williams, an amateur radio astronomer in the United Kingdom, picked up on the satellite’s signal in 2013, and confirmed that it was an LES-1, or Lincoln Experimental Satellite built to test how satellites could communicate from orbit...

The Impact of World War I on Ham Radio

When America declared war on Germany in 1917, most radio stations came under government control, reserved for war efforts. On this edition of Up To Date, we learn why HAM radio operators were prevented from broadcasting during The Great War...

Amateur Radio Roundtable

Amateur Radio Roundtable is a ham and shortwave live webcast. This week we are talking about Project Diana which is the 70 Anniversary of the U.S. first time to bounce a radar signal off the moon and receive it. Lots of pictures, videos and stories.

Also please be advised that this show is also simulcast on international shortwave radio station WBCQ on 5110 kHz.

Note we are changing freq from 9330 to 5110 this week. Phone lines and chat room will be open for viewers and listeners to ask questions.

The show is every Tues night at 8 PM Central time or (0200 UTC Wed). Watch on